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Best Pizza Review Ever

“It’s a little on the chewy side. But, I mean, I did microwave it.”

“So yeah, I recommend getting the … cheese things. They’re the Elia’s … Ellie … Eelia’s or whatever. So yeah, pretty good.”

Thanks to Meghan M. for the link.

Pizza sign headbanger

Everything about this guy rules:

I love that the color has been worn off the parts of the sign where his air guitar riffage happens.

Gimme Pizza Slow

Whipped cream pour like waterfalls.

Subtract 1:32 from my 15 minutes of fame

I like how it says “Pizza lover” under my name for the onscreen graphics.

Hitler hates late pizza

The angry Hitler YouTube meme was bound to involve pizza sooner or later.

World Pizza Can’t Be Done

In the video below, John Joseph – singer for the legendary 1980s NYC hardcore punk band, the Cro-Mags – talks about his favorite veg spots in NYC, including Viva Herbal Pizzeria. It’s all framed around Joseph’s new book Meat Is For Pussies.

We like pizza

I don’t know anything about this song or group, but I kinda like it that way. The mystery makes it that much better:

Best part: “I like pizza with tomato…” followed by an awkward lack of lyrics.

Thanks to Dean for the link.

“If you like pepperoni and bullets, you came to the right place”

Arnold’s Pizza Shop:

Surreal Japanese pizza ad

I’ve been way too busy to spend time writing pizza reviews lately, but I’m anticipating some free time on the horizon.

Excuses aside, I wanted to post this video that a new student of mine sent me (thanks Chris!):

My favorite part is around the 21-second mark, when everything stops, and for a split second you think the video froze, only to then see the anthropomorphic pizza go in to some kind of scary rage (at least I think that’s rage… ?).

The Japanese always seem to have ads that are a million times more surreal and interesting than us Americans. Either that or I only ever see the weird ones.