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Backyard pizza

Now that summer is almost officially here, I’ve been BBQing with my roommates much more. We’ve even seriously discussed making June “BBQ Month”, in the same vein as Pizza Month; I don’t think that will really happen, but I’m sure we’ll ’Q at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Anyhow, I’ve had innumerable people ask me lately if I’ve ever tried BBQing a pizza. I can’t say I ever have, but I’ve come across a few related things lately that seemed to warrant a post on the topic.

First of all, the most obvious and inexpensive thing that comes to mind when thinking BBQ + pizza is some kind of apparatus to enable you to cook a pie on your existing grill. I haven’t done any extensive research on the topic, but have come across 2 such items in the past couple weeks by chance. The first is a circular pizza stone that sits on the grill, and the second is basically the same idea, but in rectangular form. Both cost about $100.

Villaware PizzaGrill

The next option is a huge price jump, and I’m somewhat skeptical of it, considering. If you’ve got $2,000 to blow, you might go for a Beehive pizza oven. Maybe it’s just me, but in the little demo video on their product page, it looks like the pizza and the ashes are a bit cramped in there. The fact that the pizza is obviously photoshopped in to the promo photo doesn’t help too much either.

Beehive pizza oven

Finally, I came across an unfortunate news story about a guy in Orlando who obviously wasn’t feeling these novelty backyard pizza-cooking accessories, and said “Fuck it! I’ll just build my own backyard setup”. The sad news is that his neighborhood association is suing him for doing so. Classic case of old Floridians with nothing better to do than complain about their neighbors. Honestly – why would you not want a real pizza oven next door? You know the dude’s gonna have sick parties.

Backyard pizza oven