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Kurt Cobain eating pizza

Melvins covering Gimme Pizza

In other heavy metal pizza news, the Melvins did a live cover version of the classic Olsen Twins Gimme Pizza song:

I hope a studio version shows up on the next album. Thanks to Adam at Slice for pointing it out.

Fat Boys + Pizza

The Fat Boys were a hip hop trio that had a good run in the ’80s putting out records in a similar vein as Run DMC, Biz Markie, Beastie Boys, etc. Like many such rappers of the time, the Fat Boys’ image was based less on street toughs, with more of a focus fun stuff … like eating pizza.

Their Jail House Rap, from the 1984 self-titled album is one of my all-time favorite pizza-related songs, and the music video only solidifies that fact.

Among many pizza references, part of the video was filmed at the now-extinct La Marionetta Pizzeria, which was at 105 Greenwich Ave in Manhattan (at the corner of 12th St).

The pizzeria closed years ago, which is a shame. They had a great storefront with a hand-crafted neon sign and everything. All the accounts I’ve been able to dig up online cite it as a tasty slice shop – a fact I don’t doubt, knowing that the Fat Boys chose it for their video.

If you’re not familiar with the Fat Boys, the cover of the Jail House Rap single alone should give you an idea of how awesome and in to pizza they were. But, really, the point of this post is to introduce you to the greatness of the video. Seriously – if you only watch one video today, make it this one (it even starts with the last few seconds of an Iron Maiden song!).

… It was twelve o’clock, midnight
And I wanted a snack
So I headed downstairs
Thought the fridge was packed
But when I opened the door
What did I see?
The back of the fridge
Staring right at me
I thought to myself
I could almost die
Then an immage appeared:
A pizza pie!

So I put on Adidas
Headed out the door
As I pictured myself
Eating more and more
But the store was closed
I busted into a rage
So I went to the crib
And got the twelve-gauge
Ran back to the shop
Busted down the door
And all I saw
Was pizza galore

So I stuffed my face
I couldn’t even walk
I couldn’t laugh, smile, shake
Giggle, wiggle, or talk
So I fell asleep
With my face in my plate
And the next thing you know
I was headed upstate …

Other Fat Boys videos of interest: All You Can Eat, where they go to the  Sbarro in Times Square for a $3.99 pig-out (reminds me of my high school AYCE pizza night parties at Papa Gino’s); Fat Boys, where they head to the beach before smashing some pizza into their faces (literally); and the non-pizza-yet-still-educational Fat Boys Burger Pattern, where they teach some mathematical concepts by ordering burgers.

World Pizza Can’t Be Done

In the video below, John Joseph – singer for the legendary 1980s NYC hardcore punk band, the Cro-Mags – talks about his favorite veg spots in NYC, including Viva Herbal Pizzeria. It’s all framed around Joseph’s new book Meat Is For Pussies.

We like pizza

I don’t know anything about this song or group, but I kinda like it that way. The mystery makes it that much better:

Best part: “I like pizza with tomato…” followed by an awkward lack of lyrics.

Thanks to Dean for the link.

Rock-afire Explosion

So this might mean more to some of you than it does to others, but it’s pizza-relevant nonetheless…

Back in the ’80s there was a pizza chain called Showbiz Pizza Place. If you’re not familiar with it, you might have heard of a similar place called Chuck E Cheese’s. The basic idea of both restaurants was that they served pizza, had a bunch of arcade games, and provided entertainment for kids via large anthropomorphic animals.

Showbiz, which is now defunct, featured a live music act (if you can call it that) called the Rock-afire Explosion, manned by animatronic animals.

Since the Showbiz chain has gone down, there has been a group of obsessive Rock-afire Explosion fanatics that collect and maintain the musical robots. As is the case with so many quirky hobbies nowadays, there is a documentary about the phenomenon coming out (scheduled to be released in Fall 2008, according to the documentary’s MySpace page).

Here’s the trailer:

Keep your eye out for the film’s full site here.