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Gotham City Pizzeria


Comics2Film reports that Domino’s is running some “viral” promos for the new Batman film. There’s a website for a Gotham City Pizzeria, which mentions a mysterious “Special Promotion: June 16″.

The idea of marketing that attempts to hook people by not giving them any information always seemed cheesy to me for the most part. I guess it works though, because I’m posting this here, aren’t I?

It also looks like they’ve made some special all-black pizza boxes:

Batman pizza box 1

Batman pizza box 2

Batman pizza box 3

“Boston” Pizza

Boston Pizza

There’s a Canadian pizza franchise called Boston Pizza that I was interested in for obvious reasons. After a little research, I found out (from their own website, no less) that Boston Pizza really has no ties whatsoever to Beantown. The truth is that they basically just exploited the name to add credibility to their pie: “Boston was a recognizable and established name… it was the ‘Big Leagues’”.

They don’t even have any locations in Massachusetts! I suppose the name Edmonton Pizza wouldn’t have sounded quite as legit.

I also noticed that their slogan – “You’re among friends at Boston Pizza” – is very much reminiscent of the “where everybody knows your name” tagline from Cheers (which actually does have legitimate historical origins in Boston).