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Pizza sign headbanger

Everything about this guy rules:

I love that the color has been worn off the parts of the sign where his air guitar riffage happens.

Gimme Pizza Slow

Whipped cream pour like waterfalls.

Sizzle Pie’s heavy metal pizza names

The newly opened Sizzle Pie pizzeria in Portland has what I’m going to say is my all-time favorite list of pizza names. If you’re not in to heavy metal or hardcore punk rock, most of the names will make no sense to you. But for the people who understand the joke behind the meat-stuffed “Girth Crisis” pizza, this menu is comedic gold. Some of my other favorites include the “Napalm Breath” (ref) and the “Rudimentary Penne” (ref).

I can’t believe this is an actual menu and not just a joke on some hardcore message board. The next time I’m in Portland, this will be my first stop, for sure.

It reminds me of a comment thread of Metallica-themed pizza names I had with some friends on Facebook back in August after posting a link to the Pizzallica pizzeria in Detroit:

Add Hoeks Death Metal Pizza to the list, and that makes Sizzle Pie the 3rd heavy metal themed pizzeria I know of. Are there any more?

Hitler hates late pizza

The angry Hitler YouTube meme was bound to involve pizza sooner or later.

Technical difficulties

The blog software I use to run Pizza Rules! has been super slow and sometimes even completely broken lately, which is why I haven’t posted much. I have a whole folder of stuff to share once I get some time to fix everything, but in the mean time, here’s a quick pizza-related lolcat for you.

funny pictures of cats with captions

“If you like pepperoni and bullets, you came to the right place”

Arnold’s Pizza Shop:

NONE pizza with left beef

My friend Jesse sent me this link about putting Domino’s online pizza ordering options to the test.

I’ve never ordered online from Domino’s, and in fact have consciously avoided ordering from Domino’s at all since about 10 years ago, but I am glad that someone out there is putting their system to the test.

It’s great how he tests them on whether it’s the right or left side of his pie that gets pepperoni, but the best part about the experiment was ordering an individual pizza with nothing on it (not even sauce) except beef on the left-hand side:


I can haz pizza

funny pictures