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Pizza-face monster letter A & t-shirt

As a counterpoint to Jessica’s lovely and fancy letter V slice initial letter, I present to you this pizza-face monster letter A by Elli Egilsson (AC BANANAS on Flickr):

pizza-face monster A

And mocked up here on a t-shirt:

pizza-face monster A - shirt

Shirts & Destroy pizza package

Earlier this year the dudes at Liberated Images / Shirts & Destroy released a limited edition 5-color gross-out pizza shirt that comes in a specially printed pizza box. From their description:

A pizza to end all pizzas. Served piping hot with everything you could want on it. Nails, screws, an eyeball, pocket change, a severed finger, cigarette butts, pepperoni, a razor blade, a dead fish, mushrooms and a bunch of other gnarly shit.

Gnarly shit, indeed.

The graphic was done by Billy from Tall Boy Illustration. Get yours here.

Pizza party on Threadless

New pizza shirt on Threadless:

Threadless - Pizza Party!!!

I’ve got some other pizza shirts I’ve been meaning to post about too. Soon.

Testicle pizza


Serbian Ljubomir Erovic just released a cookbook dedicated to recipes that include testicles. Pizza is one of them.

Do not want.

Fecal Pizza Party


For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, fecalface.com is a contemporary arts/culture site that revolves mostly around stuff in San Fran. It’s one of the few spots (online or elsewhere) which seems to have stayed legit over the years as far as being a place to see interesting contemporary art.

Every week they do this thing called Free Fridayz, where they pick a theme and have people submit related artwork for prizes.

A couple weeks ago, the theme was “Pizza Party”, and the results we amazing — some submissions were skillfully crafted, and others were just plain retarded; most of them a mixture of both. All around fun.

You can see all of them here.