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Domino’s Pizza

The NY Mets are the new ’Noids

The Mets’ new mark to celebrate their upcoming first season at Citi Field is making the team look a bit more like Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers

NONE pizza with left beef

My friend Jesse sent me this link about putting Domino’s online pizza ordering options to the test.

I’ve never ordered online from Domino’s, and in fact have consciously avoided ordering from Domino’s at all since about 10 years ago, but I am glad that someone out there is putting their system to the test.

It’s great how he tests them on whether it’s the right or left side of his pie that gets pepperoni, but the best part about the experiment was ordering an individual pizza with nothing on it (not even sauce) except beef on the left-hand side:


Domino’s fastest pizza maker

Domino's fastest pizza maker competition

Domino’s just held a competition for “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The winner, Dennis Tran, who has now won the annual contest 3 times, put together 3 pies in 46.4 seconds.

There’s something that just seems wrong about this whole contest to me. I mean, sure, timeliness is generally a good thing; but I would much rather have my pie made well than made fast. I suppose it makes perfect sense though, because this is Domino’s we’re talking about here.

The Ann Arbor News has the full scoop on the competition, plus this video:

Gotham City Pizzeria


Comics2Film reports that Domino’s is running some “viral” promos for the new Batman film. There’s a website for a Gotham City Pizzeria, which mentions a mysterious “Special Promotion: June 16″.

The idea of marketing that attempts to hook people by not giving them any information always seemed cheesy to me for the most part. I guess it works though, because I’m posting this here, aren’t I?

It also looks like they’ve made some special all-black pizza boxes:

Batman pizza box 1

Batman pizza box 2

Batman pizza box 3