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Fair trade?: Pizza for guilty plea

A man from New York City has agreed to plea guilty to a murder he committed in Oregon, but only if he can get pizza in jail while serving his life sentence.

The article doesn’t mention any detailed stipulations about what kind of pizza; I would imagine that’d be a major factor though. I mean, it actually would be torture if you could get pizza, but for the rest of your life it could only be some frozen school lunch garbage.

Hi-Fi shooting

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Apparently there was a gun shootout at Hi-Fi in Cambridge the other night (if you’ve ever been been hungry after a late show at the Middle East, you know the spot). I learned this almost exactly one day afterwards while sitting in the Middle East across the corner for the Peelander Z show / Kaiju Big Battel after-party.

If anyone had asked me where would be the most likely place to be involved in a late night pizza dive shootout, I would definitely have thought Joseph’s Pizza (on the corner of Huntington & South Huntington), but I guess Cambridge is a little more gangsta than I originally thought.

More about the incident here.

Pizza Month: day 14

Archive photo of Hi-Fi pie from Pizza Month 2007