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Kindergarten Obesity

Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad for Las Vegas Weekly

Pizza-face monster letter A & t-shirt

As a counterpoint to Jessica’s lovely and fancy letter V slice initial letter, I present to you this pizza-face monster letter A by Elli Egilsson (AC BANANAS on Flickr):

pizza-face monster A

And mocked up here on a t-shirt:

pizza-face monster A - shirt

Every Person in NY (including Dom DeMarco)

One of my favorite new blogs lately is Every Person In New York, where artist Jason Polan has set out to draw every person in New York. Naturally I was excited to see that his most recent batch of drawings included a sketch of “The Man”, Dom DeMarco of Di Fara Pizzeria fame.

Every Person In NY - Dom DeMarco

There’s enough hype and opinion about Dom and Di Fara floating around to fill a book, but if you don’t know about him, suffice to say he’s among the most legendary living pizzaiolos in America today.

Here’s a photo of Dom from a trip I took to Di Fara in April that matches Polan’s sketch perfectly (minus the scally cap):

Di Fara Pizzeria

Regardless of what you think about the pizza at Di Fara, it’s hard not to love the perseverance of the man behind the counter.

Lombardi’s-inspired lettering art

Very rarely, my passions for pizza and lettering cross paths, but the decorative pizza letter V used for this post is an awesome case in which I can dork out on both things at once.

My friend Jessica Hische runs a site called The Daily Drop Cap, where she designs an ornamental letter every work day to be used for decorative initials (I wrote more about the topic previously, elsewhere). Last night she was one of the attendants at a big typography nerd get-together I organized at Lombardi’s Pizza in Manhattan (if you don’t know about it already, Google it). While scarfing on pizza, we joked about how she should make a pizza-themed initial, but I didn’t think she’d actually do it.

Speaking of Lombardi’s-inspired lettering art done by friends (I couldn’t think of a more obscure topic) I ran in to the artist and legendary NYC skateboarder Harry Jumanji during a trip to Lombardi’s last year. He was so psyched on the pizza that he broke out his markers and did a mini piece on the back of a postcard for the owner, John Brescio:

Harry Jumanji

I got one too (though it was skate-themed, rather than pizza):

Card from Jumanji

For what it’s worth, the first time I ever went to Lombardi’s I was similarly compelled to make this drawing in my sketchbook (the disgruntled guy on the right is totally unrelated):

Lombardi's / Disgruntled NYC subway rider

I guess all the pizza art makes sense with the huge Mona Lisa on the outside wall — they say “the debate over her smile is over”.

Lombardis - Mona Lisa

Since I’m on the subject, Lombardi’s also is relevant to another obscure design-related fascination of mine, which is the pointing-finger symbol known as the “manicule”. For whatever reason, I collect photos of the symbol in use and, coincidentally, they’re used heavily for signage at Lombardi’s — including a sizable example on the exterior of the building (just above the Mona Lisa):

Lombardi's Pizza

In closing, a gratuitous photo of the source material:

Lombardi's Pizza

121 pizzas, averaged

“A composite image made from 121 pizzas”, by Jim Bumgardner on Flickr.

Don’t ask me because I don’t know

People In Pizza Slice Costumes Becoming Pizzas


Shepard Fairey installation at Nice Slice

As though Shepard Fairey wasn’t getting enough press already from his work for Obama, I’m gonna mention him here on pizza-related business.

OMG Posters reports that Fairey just put up an installation at Nice Slice in Providence, not far from where he went to school at RISD.

I’m hoping to make it to Providence in the not-too-distant future. If I do, I’ll get some more shots (including some of the pizza).

Fecal Pizza Party


For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, fecalface.com is a contemporary arts/culture site that revolves mostly around stuff in San Fran. It’s one of the few spots (online or elsewhere) which seems to have stayed legit over the years as far as being a place to see interesting contemporary art.

Every week they do this thing called Free Fridayz, where they pick a theme and have people submit related artwork for prizes.

A couple weeks ago, the theme was “Pizza Party”, and the results we amazing — some submissions were skillfully crafted, and others were just plain retarded; most of them a mixture of both. All around fun.

You can see all of them here.