Pizza Month 2010: stepping it up

Back in 2007, I began a personal tradition I call Pizza Month. The specifics of the challenge have evolved over the years, but the general premise is that I eat pizza every day for the entirety of April.

In 2008 and 2009, to make Pizza Month more challenging, a new stipulation was introduced in which I had to get pizza from a new place every day (no repeats). It made the whole endeavor much more exciting than just grabbing a slice from my local pizza spot every day.

For Pizza Month this year, I’ve decided to step things up another notch and eat nothing but pizza for the entire month of April.

While many people think that eating pizza every day would be challenging, the hardest part to me for this new level of pizza dedication will be the elimination of candy and desserts. Luckily, Coca-Cola is basically candy in liquid form and happens to also be the best beverage to complement pizza with.
I’ll try to post updates and notes here throughout the month. Also keep an eye on my Flickr photostream for photographic documentation.

For more info on my previous Pizza Months, see the related wrap-up entries from Pizza Month 2008 and Pizza Month 2009, as well as all my Pizza Month photos on Flickr.

2 comments on Pizza Month 2010: stepping it up.

2010/04/14, 9:44pm #

What about Max Brenner’s Chocolate Chunk Pizza? I believe it’s baked in the oven…

2010/04/30, 11:21am #

Good Morning Nick,

News 12 Brooklyn is interested in doing a follow up interview with you today, this last day of April, to discuss how your pizza eating month has been. Are you available for interview today?

Please give us a call at 718-861-6818 or REPLY ALL or email us at

Thank you,

Takena Russell
Assignment Editor
News 12 Brooklyn
930 Soundview Avenue
Bronx, New York 10473
(718) 861-6818
Fax: (718) 328-7420

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