NONE pizza with left beef

My friend Jesse sent me this link about putting Domino’s online pizza ordering options to the test.

I’ve never ordered online from Domino’s, and in fact have consciously avoided ordering from Domino’s at all since about 10 years ago, but I am glad that someone out there is putting their system to the test.

It’s great how he tests them on whether it’s the right or left side of his pie that gets pepperoni, but the best part about the experiment was ordering an individual pizza with nothing on it (not even sauce) except beef on the left-hand side:


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2012/12/31, 5:16am #

You do realize this has become a big, big meme on Tumblr now, right? Everyone can’t get enough of the “none pizza with left beef.”

Alice Corkill
2013/05/22, 2:30pm #

My friend ordered a Meatlovers pizza with no meat. It was just cheese and bbq sauce.

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