Pizza Slice Flying V guitar

Just had this idea for a Flying V pizza guitar after a conversation with Frank Chimero and had to make it a reality in Photoshop. Since a 3 minute Google search didn’t turn up anything similar in existence, I’m going to claim this concept as my own.

Guitar makers: let’s make the Nick Sherman Pro Model Pizza Slice Flying V a reality, please.

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Marcus Sherman
2011/05/18, 9:30pm #

Copyright the idea now, then send proposals for ads using a Venture guitar prototype to ad agencies of major national pizza chains. If anyone subsequently copies and capitalizes on your idea, sue their ass.

Robert Aguiar
2011/06/29, 6:01am #

I built a pizza bass guitar for a local pizzaria here in Miami, Fl. it’s on permanent display at Casola’s Pizza, i also built a flying V swiss cheese guitar!!!!

[...] not the first to conceptualize the idea (check out Nick Sherman's 2011 post on Pizza Rules), Andrew W.K.'s collaborative efforts with guitar makers ESP seem to be the first to bring the [...]

Tobias Munk Åkesson
2012/10/22, 7:19am #

and then there’s this thing

Inis Magrath
2012/11/26, 8:23pm #

It’s been done. You can see it here:

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