Superhero pizza

I went to see the new Iron Man movie last night. It was about what I expected; nothing special, but a good movie to see in the theatres (lots of explosions, etc). Anyway, there was one scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) predicts that his business partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) is about to break some bad news because he brings a pizza to his home in Malibu all the way from New York.

The pizza box has a big “Ray’s” logo on it, but I wasn’t sitting close enough to see which Ray’s it was from. Given the fact that there are at least 30 places in Manhattan that use “Ray’s” in their name (Famous Original Rays, World Famous Ray’s, etc), I wouldn’t even be surprised if the pizza box was fake and meant to represent New York pizza in general.

If anyone else goes to see Iron Man, let me know if you can read the details on the box.

I’m hoping this is the beginning of a string of pizza related script devices in movie-izations of the Marvel superhero comic books… Peter Parker uses his spider powers to deliver pizza in Spiderman 2, and Famous Joe’s Pizza mentions its cameo on some of their signage.

Famous Joe's Pizza

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