Pizza Month 2008: complete!

Pizza Month: completed!

Billy and I ended our 2nd annual Pizza Month yesterday at Oggi in Harvard Square with Springer. It seemed fitting as their tagline is “The Start to a Delicious End”.

I’ll write more on that particular pizza in a separate post (after I catch up on the other stuff I had during Pizza Month).

For now, here are some quick notes on this year’s experience:

  • Rules I followed:
    1. Eat pizza every single day for the entire month of April.
    2. Get the pizza from a new place every day (last year I did repeats, had leftovers, etc).
    3. No big corporate pizza (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc).
  • Best pizza I had all month: Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, NY
  • Worst pizza I had all month: Zesto’s in Jamaica Plain, MA
  • I took photographs of each day’s pizza and posted them to a??Flickr set.
  • Eventually I’ll be writing about all the pie I ate and posting it on this site (so far I’ve only covered up to day 8).
  • Did I gain any weight? Nope (not sure how that worked out).
  • Am I sick of pizza yet? Fuck no.

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