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Domino’s fastest pizza maker

Domino's fastest pizza maker competition

Domino’s just held a competition for “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The winner, Dennis Tran, who has now won the annual contest 3 times, put together 3 pies in 46.4 seconds.

There’s something that just seems wrong about this whole contest to me. I mean, sure, timeliness is generally a good thing; but I would much rather have my pie made well than made fast. I suppose it makes perfect sense though, because this is Domino’s we’re talking about here.

The Ann Arbor News has the full scoop on the competition, plus this video:

New world record already

The world record for longest line of pizza that I mentioned in the last post has already been broken in Australia by a mere one meter.

If you ask me, that’s kinda weak. I mean, c’mon… if you’re gonna try to break a record, at least try to blow it away.

World record pizza

This weekend, a pizza maker in Fort Pierce, Florida, will attempt to break the current world record for the longest line of pizzas (611 feet, 2 inches) by preparing enough pizza to stretch 700 feet.

This seems much more practical than making one extra large pizza… the current record for that (according to my 20 seconds of research) is 122 feet, 8 inches.