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“Pizzas 4 Patriots”

Pizza 4 Patriots

My friend Mary just gave me a heads up on this one…

Retired Air Force master sergeant Mark Evans and his son, who live in Illinois, have started a campaign to send a whole bunch of Chicago pizzas to American military troops overseas.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has agreed to give Evans pizzas at a discounted rate to help the cause. The initial goal was 300 pies, but Evans has received so much support for the effort that the number has grown far beyond that — as many as 3,000.

The pizzas will obviously have to be shipped frozen, a task which DHL has offered to do for free. Even though the pizza is frozen, it’s still pizza.
Personally, I’m 100% opposed to the war we’re in right now, but I won’t get too into that here; I’m just glad to see someone actually supporting the people who have to be over there instead of buying a phony magnet for their bumper and leaving it at that.

If you’re interested in contibuting to the “Pizza 4 Patriots” effort, you can write Mark Evans at sgtevans@sbcglobal.net.

More coverage via USA Today and Chicago’s Daily Herald.