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The day after pizza month ended, I continued with my pizza eating out of pure habit. Stopped at Pinnochio’s in Harvard Square which has always been a solid pizza option in that area. There are a few good pie spots in that part of Cambridge, but Pinnochio’s probably holds claim to the best quick ’n’ dirty slice joint within a few miles.

Pinnochio’s is one of only several places I know in Boston that have sicilian slices available regularly. Subsequently, if you want non-sicilian slices you might want to specify as such when ordering (I was once handed a piece of sicilian after asking simply “Can I have a slice?”).

I’m not a huge sicilian pizza fan, so I won’t bother commenting on that. However, I will say the thin slices are super good though. Unlike so many slice-joint-esque pizzas out there (ie, not fancy schmancy sit-down restaurant pizza), this pizza has a sane amount of cheese on it, which prevents it from drooling all over your face and/or getting a wet soggy bottom crust.

The inside is pretty small, so it’s almost always packed around lunch time, but there’s a nice park across JFK Street that makes for a good pizza-scarfing area as well.

I wish I had remembered to take a photo of the outside; it’s in this old brick building, kinda hidden down a side street. The general small-ness and hidden-ness makes it seem all the more legit for some reason… like you’re in on some exclusive secret or something. I guess I’m compromising that by posting this online.

Oh well.

PS: No Cokes, but plenty of bottled root beer.



Hi-Fi shooting

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Apparently there was a gun shootout at Hi-Fi in Cambridge the other night (if you’ve ever been been hungry after a late show at the Middle East, you know the spot). I learned this almost exactly one day afterwards while sitting in the Middle East across the corner for the Peelander Z show / Kaiju Big Battel after-party.

If anyone had asked me where would be the most likely place to be involved in a late night pizza dive shootout, I would definitely have thought Joseph’s Pizza (on the corner of Huntington & South Huntington), but I guess Cambridge is a little more gangsta than I originally thought.

More about the incident here.

Pizza Month: day 14

Archive photo of Hi-Fi pie from Pizza Month 2007