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Pizza in the news

Bush pizza wedding

Apparently Pizza Hut offered to give free pizza for the wedding of Jenna Bush (daughter of George W). I generally don’t follow the weddings and private lives of famous people, so I’m not sure if the wedding’s happened or not yet. But here’s the story from a few days ago either way:

A Pizza Hut spokesman has officially confirmed through diplomatic channels that the company’s offer to help cater the wedding of the First Twin Daughters’ first marriage is sincere …

“It’s the real deal,” said Pizza Hut spokesman Chris Fuller, who like most Americans was not invited to the president’s sprawling ranch. “The letter was sent from our president to the president this week.”

Bella Luna to move; Milky Way to close

How true, how true

I’m a little bummed to hear that Bella Luna, the unofficial representative of Pizza for my neighborhood, is being forced to move from its current, epic location to a spot further out, in the Brewery Complex. To make matters worse, their sister organization, The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes, is expected to close altogether.

I admit that my experiences with Bella Luna’s pizza have varied widely from really good to curiously uneven to just acceptable, but it always bums me out to see an independent pizza maker forced into closing its doors due to monetary reasons.

Bella Luna is also one of those places that really takes pride in their pizza and – as funny as it might sound – their pizza’s role in the community. I can’t tell you how many free slices of Bella Luna I’ve eaten at various fundraisers, art shows, etc.

Bowling for free whilst eating pizza in JP is soon to be no more… bummer.

Pizza.com sold for $2.6 million

Some lucky dude who has owned the pizza.com web address since 1994 (he paid $20 + small annual fees) just sold it for $2.6 million.

More info on Wired.

Hi-Fi shooting

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Apparently there was a gun shootout at Hi-Fi in Cambridge the other night (if you’ve ever been been hungry after a late show at the Middle East, you know the spot). I learned this almost exactly one day afterwards while sitting in the Middle East across the corner for the Peelander Z show / Kaiju Big Battel after-party.

If anyone had asked me where would be the most likely place to be involved in a late night pizza dive shootout, I would definitely have thought Joseph’s Pizza (on the corner of Huntington & South Huntington), but I guess Cambridge is a little more gangsta than I originally thought.

More about the incident here.

Pizza Month: day 14

Archive photo of Hi-Fi pie from Pizza Month 2007

Pagan pizza


“A dedicated group of Santa Barbara pagans have been meeting once a month on Friday night to hang out, eat pizza, and talk about their beliefs, their lives, and their current projects.”