Pizza Month, day 2: Lucky’s Lounge

Pizza Month: day 2

After a meeting in South Boston to discuss the design of the future Charles River Skatepark, a bunch of us went to a spot called Lucky’s Lounge for dinner. Naturally I got some pie to fill my Pizza Month quota for the day.

Lucky’s is a somewhat upscale bar / restaurant that I probably wouldn’t normally go out of my way to go to. There was a 3-piece jazz band playing Frank Sinatra covers, and our crew didn’t quite fit in with the crowd of 30-something upper-middle-class professionals sitting around us. The area it’s in (which we also happened to be in) is pretty barren as far as food goes though. Plus, going outside one’s comfort zone never hurts.

The pie was about in line with that description: on the fancy side, but not something I’d go out of my way for. The presence of tomatoes was more in the form of slices than sauce, which doesn’t really affect my feelings about it either way. The cheese was a good fresh moz’ though, which definitely made the Sinatra covers a bit more bearable.

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